Looking Towards the Future

The Future of ClimateTech Under a Biden Administration

The election has come and mostly gone, and while there are still some stragglers (Georgia I’m looking at you) we are excited to look towards the future with a bit more certainty of what might be next.

With that in mind Buoyant will be hosting a cocktail hour event to discuss this further with Karen Wayland and Ian Adams, both have deep backgrounds in policy and government as well as broad networks across the public and private sector. We will start by sharing what we at Buoyant are watching for, discuss this with Karen and Ian, and then provide time for questions from the audience.

Be on the lookout for an invite from Buoyant to join the conversation on ClimateTech, Civics & Cocktails!

The UK’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

In more news from world leaders, this month the UK put out a Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution to build back better, support green jobs and accelerate the UK’s path to net zero. It is an impressive plan with significant government investment.

We wish we would have…

…tweeted, we loved this thread by Jason Jacobs and all the responses!

What we are…


We were encouraged to read about climate as a risk in the Fed’s financial stability report. This report focuses on the economic and market forces that could impact financial service firms and laid out a framework for how climate impacts could flow through the financial system. This builds on a number of recent actions by financial institutions (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs).

We also appreciate the US central bank's decision to join the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System, a progressive (albeit late) step toward aligning the US with the global central bank consensus on the financial system threats of climate change.

…Listening To

  • Today I Learned: Climate: A podcast by MIT on Climate Change featuring scientists explaining what is happening and what we can do

  • The Political Climate (USC Schwarzenegger Institute) Podcast series called 'Ditched', which is all about the broad-based divestment and greening of the financial system

Buoyant Venture Updates

Amy Francetic represented Buoyant Ventures on a panel hosted by Greentown Labs at their Climate Summit with some of our favorite co-investors including three fellow Raptor Maps investors - Josh Posamentier of Congruent, Emily Kirsch of Powerhouse, and Dan Goldman of Clean Energy Venture Group. Here is a link to a recording of the panel.

Daniel Hullah participated as a “shark” in the 17th Annual Energy Symposium: Energy & Environment in the New Economy at HBS. Congrats to the finalists and winner Boston Meats!

For fun (since you’ve made it this far…)

A 2020 answer to the question “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it. Does it make a sound?”

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