Spring is here, what is next?

It’s officially spring and it feels like a fresh start with vaccines allowing many people to look towards the world we will return to “post-Covid”. As we think about what’s next it is important to remember where we’ve been. In our climate risk intelligence work we’ve thought a lot about understanding what climate risk exists as well as where emissions are coming from. We’ve continued to see support for climate action across sectors but increasingly see a need for a more standardized approach to reporting to allow for an apples to apples comparison.

Liebreich: Climate and Finance – Lessons from a Time Machine

A recent article in Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance was a read we thoroughly enjoyed this month. Revisiting the history of climate and finance, as well as where we might be headed, left us feeling excited about Buoyant’s thesis.

The four promising trends/action areas were of particular interest, though we recommend reading the full article.

  1. Overhaul the Greenhouse Gas Protocol: In its current state scope 3 emissions may not be the best way to allocate responsibility for emissions as it is too easy to state climate change as someone else’s problem.

  2. Accountants will save the world: This might seem like a strange statement but moving from voluntary to standardized and required reporting would not just price risk better but require more focus from leaders.

  3. Lessons from H.G. Wells’ Time Machine: As we think about the transition required to address climate risk each actor will face a different set of exposures and incentives, creating opportunity for free riders. Creative solutions, like carbon pricing, are needed to address this issue.

  4. The times they are a-changed: Many groups started to sound the alarm on climate risk decades ago, when we had time to think about a carbon budget or a slower transition, but little action was taken. This inaction has left us with a shorter runway and a greater need for net-zero and carbon removal to be a larger part of the solution.

We are thrilled to see…

Such great expertise and talent being leveraged

The Buoyant team sends its congrats and thank you to Jigar for taking on this important role. Read more here

What we are…


As we look at how consumers will be educated on their carbon footprint from products they buy how carbon labels display information is key to making them useful.

A great visual on how climate change is likely weakening an arm of the powerful Gulf Stream. In the Atlantic Ocean, Subtle Shifts Hint at Dramatic Dangers

We loved this list of Females in FoodTech and reading about all the cool things they are doing 80+ Female FoodTech Founders, Leaders And Investors You Need To Know

This thread made us think about jobs in venture, and how we might help change that as Buoyant grows.

A great list of Climate Focused SPACs that we are keeping an eye on!


Spencer Glendon from Probable Futures and Woodwell Climate Research Center discusses some of the probable future scenarios from climate change

…Listening To

A great listen from one of the legends on the state of the current stock market, population decline, SPACs, and the need for investment in green infrastructure. We could be at the end of a bull market with retail investors in a position to get clobbered. 

The new Carbotnic Podcast featuring long-form conversations with experts in cleantech.

Buoyant Venture Updates

Buoyant’s own Daniel Hullah was featured alongside other clean energy pioneers in a recent Boston Globe article on the future for climate tech.

Amy Francetic was featured in Entrepreneurs for Impact’s podcast with friend of the fund Chris Wedding, discussing Buoyant, what was learned from Cleantech 1.0, mitigation vs. adaptation, and her professional journey. Check it out

Work with us! (& some of our favorite people)

For fun (since you’ve made it this far…)

As we emerge from a very dark time, share some positive energy via this inspiration art installation by Paula Crown.

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