Climate Risk (& Opportunity) Intelligence

There is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity being created by Climate Risk Intelligence

Climate Intelligence

At Buoyant, we have been talking a lot about climate intelligence. As with many industries, we are seeing the impact of technology innovations and trends including, increased and cheaper computing power, low-cost sensors, improved imaging technologies, increasing data volume and new data sources, etc. that are enabling entrepreneurs to develop new insights and business models to help tackle both the risk and opportunities associated with climate change. This push is being met with an equal pull from those looking for solutions, a growing list that includes both countries (China, Japan, EU, Others) and corporations.

As highlighted by Jacob Gleason in Climate Risk Intelligence, the First Frontier, we believe the first step in this nascent field is quantifying the risk that climate change poses. Today, we believe climate risk is either undervalued or not fully understood, across broad spectrums of business and government. As climate change's realities come to fruition, demand has emerged for more actionable intelligence among those first impacted, with many entrepreneurs looking to meet that demand.

Expect more from us on this space as it is quickly evolving and we are excited to see the opportunities in this space continue to grow.

We are on pins and needles about the election. Depending on the outcome, we are planning to host a zoom call to discuss policy implications for climate technologies. Stay tuned. And be sure to make your vote count.

PwC Report Overview

PwC released a groundbreaking report on Climate Tech which details an overwhelming investor appetite for the sector, noting industry funding grew at an 84% compounded rate since 2013, totaling $60B in funding from 2,700 investors across 1,200 companies which created 43 companies valued over $1B.

The report finds that when compared to ‘Clean Tech’ of 2006-2011, Climate Tech is distinguished by two factors:

  • Lower startup costs & a clearer path to scale

  • A focus on decarbonization across all sectors of the economy, not solely the energy sector

If you would like to receive our full summary of this report please reach out to us!

We wish we would have…

…reported, though we are honored to be part of the growing community of Women in VC:

…tweeted, this is a great thread from a friend of the fund Shayle Kann:

Additionally, we love how our friends at Climate Tech VC elaborated on Shayle Kann’s simplified mental model for climate tech. So many good companies looking to tap into the trillion-dollar investment opportunity over the next decade. Read it here: Offering a climate tech mental model and SPAC

What we are…


Reviewing the past mistakes of early cleantech can only help us in the climate tech wave we are currently seeing Will The Lies Of Clean Energy Investors In 2009 Trip Them Up Again In 2021?

Climate Change gets focus in Presidential and Vice Presidential debates

A great summary by Creandum on the forces they see driving climate tech innovation and the next steps to effectively tackle the Climate Crisis. Time to cool the planet

Our friends at Fith Wall and their thoughts on the Opportunity in Climate Tech for the built environment. We are excited to have partners like them. The Billion Dollar Venture Opportunity in Climate Tech for The Built World

Scientists are pulling inspiration from ancient ice-making practices and radiative cooling to develop new solutions to cool the warming earth Bringing the chill of the cosmos to a warming planet

New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued a letter to state-regulated financial institutions outlining the department’s expectations for managing climate change risk. In the letter, the NYDFS noted that “financial risks from climate change are unprecedented,” and it expects banks to integrate climate change risk into their governance frameworks, risk management processes, and business strategies.


Kiss the Ground a documentary shedding light on regenerative agriculture farming and its potential to help be part of the solution to climate change mitigation.

…Listening To

The design podcast 99 Percent Invisible shared a new episode looking at the role of trees and peat as carbon sinks and the history of some interesting tree planting programs.

Upcoming events

Greentown Labs Climate Summit: Amy Francetic will participate in an Investor Roundtable with Dan Goldman (Clean Energy Venture Group), Emily Kirsch (Powerhouse Ventures), Josh Posamentier (Congruent Ventures), David Kirkpatrick (SJF Ventures), and Amy Duffuor (Prime Impact Fund) discussing the latest trends in climatetech, investing insights, building resilience and more.
Nov 5th at 2:30pm ET / 1:30pm CT

Navigate Investor Corporate Customer Connect hosted by New England Clean Energy Council: Abe Yokell will lead a fireside chat with Amy Francetic and others. We expect some fun Daniel stories as well as an engaging discussion on climatetech.

Nov 17 at Noon ET / 11am CT

Buoyant Venture Updates

Amy Francetic spoke on climate tech, venture trends, and what is getting her through quarantine with Dana Iverson from AllRaise

Work with us! (& some of our favorite people)

For fun (since you’ve made it this far…)

The David Lynch Weather Report, because we are all looking for new forms of entertainment in 2020

And for those that need any more encouragement to get to the polls here is GOTV with Tenacious D and the Rocky Horror Picture Show + Friends

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