Adapting to a Texas Summer (in Canada)

Storm Uri provides an example of what might be to come

Every day it seems that there are more news stories than the average person can digest. However, for many in Texas, Storm Uri broke critical energy and water infrastructure systems, causing loss of life and property damage measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

While it would be best if emissions were avoided to prevent climate change, it is becoming clear that we have passed the point of prevention and are living in a world with increased climate risks and we must adapt

This is why Buoyant believes in investing in solutions for both climate mitigation and adaptation. Adaptation solutions range in form and function, with no silver bullet or one size fits all solution. Digital technologies can be especially helpful in identifying and measuring climate risk, and prescribing solutions like hardening infrastructure, underwriting parametric insurance, and sounding alarms for deadly floods, fires, and heat. Regardless of the solution, the goal of adaptation is the same: to understand and protect against the physical and economic risks we face. 

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A ton of great reporting has been done on this event, we are not going to try and outdo anyone, instead, we would like to highlight some of our favorites:

Help is still needed across multiple states for those impacted by the storms. See here for how to help.

We wish we would have…called out this Net-Zero Claim h/t to Bloomberg

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  • Farmers on the Frontline, a great BBC series on how the world will sustainably feed itself with a growing population, climate change, and a global pandemic.

Buoyant Venture updates

Buoyant Managing Director Amy Francetic participated in the Yale Economic Development Symposium discussing economic opportunities in the clean energy transition & green economy.

For fun (since you’ve made it this far…)

Scientists have taught spinach to send emails and it could warn us about climate change

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